Executive Board:

President: Taylor Sublett
Vice President: Jessica Spivey
Recording/Corresponding Secretary: Dane Zelenka
Treasurer: Christina Hegarty
Assistant Treasurer: Lauren Slater
Ex Officio: Brandi Hilsabeck
Projects Chair: Candice Lockard | Assistant: Yvette Barr
Provisional Trainers: Kaleigh Nelson and Jillian Rushing


Child Welfare Rep: Lacie Jordan | Assistant: Samantha Bignell
Placement: Kandice Hull | Assistant: Dane Zelenka
Parliamentarian: Kacee Ward | Assistant: Megan Dier
Associate/Life Rep: Kate Landers | Assistant: Yvette Barr
Public Relations Chair: Aimee Vance | Assistant: Dane Zelenka
Education Chair: Yvette Barr | Assistant: Kayla Bosco
Scholarship Chair: Monica Ritter | Assistant: Jessica Spivey
Hospitality Chair: LaLinda Grace | Assistant: Kandice Hull
Finance Chair: Lauren Slater



Taylor Sublett, President
Yvette Barr
Samantha Bignell
Jazz Blythe
Haley Bosco
Kayla Bosco
Kayla Broome
Lacey Buford
Anna Burgett
Krystina Chu
Megan Dier
Charlene Dronet
Chelsea Eure
Kala Felts
LaLinda Grace
Christina Hegarty
Brandi Hilsabeck
Kandice Hull
Lacie Jordan
Kate Landers
Candice Lockard
Erin Marks
Melana Miller
Adelaide Moore
Kaleigh Nelson
Monica Ritter
Sara Rouse
Amy Rowell
Jillian Rushing
Katie Scarberry
Lauren Slater
Jessica Spivey
Cayla Switzer
Jessica Taylor
Aimee Vance
Kacee Ward
Dane Zelenka

Provisional Class: Caroline Brasher
Kellie Broome
Madison Brown
Katy Frazier
Erin George
Montana Hester
Ashley Hilsabeck
Jordan Hollis
Kelci Miller
Heather Overvold
Katie Scott Parr
Klancey Phillips
Haley Read
Candace Selover
Callie Sims
Brandi Willis
Morgan Zelenka

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